Westhouse repositions business and rebrands to Stockdale Securities

Westhouse Securities Limited (“Westhouse”) has been renamed Stockdale Securities Limited (“Stockdale”). The new name marks the repositioning of the business over the last year in response to structural changes in the operating environment for brokers which have seen regulatory forces, capacity pressures and technological developments in trading undermine the traditional broking model. While Stockdale remains a full-service broker all of its services are now dedicated to a corporate agenda – an absolute focus on winning and retaining good quality corporate clients and executing their transactions. In adopting this corporate model we are acutely aware of the need to maintain our integrity and the trust of our institutional clients, the key to which is having a long-term, relationship-led, rather than transaction-driven, approach. All areas of the firm work together to provide a fully integrated and coherent service, which is tailored to the needs of our corporate clients, in a way which also helps their shareholders – our institutional clients – make money. The new name references not only stocks but also a dale: just as a dale forms solid ground between two hills, Stockdale helps to link investors and companies. There was also an inspirational leader called Admiral James Stockdale whom we admire. The change to our name will be reflected in our email address - firstname.surname@stockdalesecurities.com - although old ones will continue to work. There are no other changes to our contact details and the legal entity has not changed. While we remain a work in progress, and will continue to adapt to a changing world, the early signs are that the new model is working both for our clients and for us – we are growing again, winning business, getting deals done and making money. We start the New Year with the confidence that Stockdale employees share a culture of working together to deliver for our clients, both corporate and institutional. Yours sincerely and with very best wishes for 2016. Mark Brown Chairman Stockdale Securities